Three problems to be considered when opening the LCD liquid crystal display

LCD liquid crystal display screens are used in many electronic devices in our lives, so do you know what problems need to be considered when opening the mold of LCD liquid crystal display screens? Here are three things to watch out for:

1. Consider the temperature range.

Temperature is an important parameter in LCD liquid crystal display. When the LCD display is turned on, the working temperature and storage temperature cannot be omitted from the design drawing of the manufacturer. If the incorrect temperature range is selected, the reaction will be slow in low temperature environments and shadows will appear in high temperature environments. Therefore, when opening the mold, carefully consider the environment in which the product will work and the required temperature range.

2. Consider the display mode.

The display mode should be fully considered when the LCD liquid crystal display is opened. Since the LCD’s display principle makes it non-luminous, a lower backlight is required to see clearly, and positive display modes, negative display modes, fully transmissive modes, translucent modes, and combinations of these modes are derived. Each display method has its own advantages and characteristics, and the applicable environment is also different.

3. Consider visibility.

The visible range refers to the area where the picture can be displayed on the LCD screen. The larger the area, the more beautiful and atmospheric the graphics that can be displayed. Conversely, graphics displayed in a smaller viewing area are not only small, but also difficult to read. Therefore, when looking for a well-known LCD display mold manufacturer to open a mold, it is necessary to consider how much visual range is needed according to the actual situation.

The above problems need to be carefully considered when opening the mold for LCD liquid crystal display. Therefore, no matter what product needs to be customized, in order to obtain high-quality LCD screen mold opening effect, it is not only necessary to find a professional and reliable mold manufacturer, but also to various Think clearly about the problem and ensure that the various needs of the product are met.

Post time: Jun-17-2022
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