LCD screen display module definition

At the end of the power supply, the display part of the other equipment is a liquid crystal module, which is equivalent to a CRT image tube in the middle.

  The part of the comprehensive power supply circuit, the signal processing circuit, etc. are naturally external.

The main part of the model module is the back light group. The two parts are assembled at once, but the working time is mutually independent (immediate circuit uncorrelation).

The principle of liquid crystal display is that the backlight unit emits uniform surface light, and the light passes through the liquid crystal screen to our eyes. The screen function is applied to the image element for this little light processing, and the following image is shown. The two parts contain a large number of parts, which are not fully understood.

Selective control IC during LCD faceplate manufacturing, light beam and polarizing film, etc., related to faceplate contrast, for general use, contrast ability reached: 1 completed, but this contrast in the industry is not satisfactory. utility demand. Comparable CRT display device easy to reach: 1 very high relative comparison. However, the high-performance LCD indicator has reached this level, because it is very difficult to pass through the equipment for comparison.

The comparison is very important, because it is an important indicator to select the LCD display point, we understand that you should use the LCD display for the customer. When the medium is flowing, the brightness of the general source is not large, but the contrast ratio of the scenery of the person to be seen, the change in the texture of the headlights to black, and the high and low of the ratio are almost complete. Excellent VG and VX direct comparison index, is: 1 contrast ratio, we at that time had this combination with Samsung’s first two-part comparison test, Samsung liquid crystal is not too clear, and the landlord can enjoy it. The high-grade gray scale during the test test is relatively good because the physical appearance of this device is small, so it is possible to use it immediately. There are only a few functions that can be displayed according to the application area demand, so there is only one function that can be used to receive and process information. It has received a hot reception from the market. There are several types of liquid crystal display modules that are relatively common.

A number of liquid crystal display modules are a single type of multi-layered liquid crystal display screens that are used as an integrated circuit assembly to form an integrated functional component, which can only display numbers and a few symbols. The upper surface of the multi-layered LCD screen is suitable for mobile phones and sleeves.

This is a multi-level liquid crystal display module, which is a multi-stage type liquid crystal display device with integrated circuit assembly integrated functional parts, which can only display numbers and symbols. Multi-layered liquid crystal display is available in many applications, and is installed on the sleeve. Due to this little device body size, it is impossible to show in the future. It is accepted by the market as having a certain kind of general or specific function. There are several types of liquid crystal display modules that are commonly used.

This is a kind of non-coordinated seven-stage liquid crystal display device that provides a reading device, or a counting device with a re-counter. It has the ability to record, process, and display numbers.

Post time: Aug-19-2022
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