If our purchased LCD which is not display during working , how to do ?

Normally we are so far with supplier’s factory, if we purchased LCD from China which is meet using question, in fact we really don’t know how to do and sometimes feeling uncomfortable . Now let us tell us how to do . 

  1. Before ship out lcd, we can ask supplier take photos or video about outside package and inside package, in that case we can know before ship out the package is what look like and to check whether the package is ok.  This way can help to first checking whether lcd is ok before ship out.
  2. When lcd need to ship out from supplier, you can tell your forwarder or express company that your lcd is very easy broken, please kindly help you to think how to protect them during shipping .if choice sea shipping ,you can consider to wooden box to package again, in that case they can avoid pressure or moist .
  3. After you received lcd within 3 days, you need to check all of package whether is ok, if not, please kindly remember to take photos on time and call phone to forwarder or express company to feedback shipping question and ask them help you to solved shipping broken question .
  4. When you prepare to use lcd ,you found lcd is look good ,but is can not display, how to do ? in that case you need to contact with supplier and tell them you how to use lcd , then the supplier can help you to check and offer solution for you. 

Post time: Sep-03-2020
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